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Islam and Sharia Law

Recent Islam/Sharia/Terrorism News:
California Politicians and Law Enforcement Support Sharia Law
Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam's Dept of Islamic Child Services
CBN Video: Muslim Brotherhood Terrorists Have Infiltrated US Government
American Muslims Stone Christians
Governor Haslam appoints Sharia Compliant Finance expert to head Tenn. Development Council
San Diego YMCA enforces sharia: women-only swim hours & gender segregated gyms for Muslims
New Jersey: Muslim Indicted In Killing Of Wife During Ramadan Stroll
Murfreesboro mosque foes seek to stop construction
US Court Blocks Bid to Stop TARP Funds from Sharia Firm
CAIR Teaches Muslims How to Evade Law-Enforcement Inquiry
A Holy Warrior runs his car into a church service and detonates, killing over 20 praying Christians
The Face of Islam
Dutch Member of Parliament Speaking Out

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Sharia in American Courts

Finally the Truth

More information on Islam and Sharia

Foundational Lectures on Political Islam by Bill Warner
Warning! Bedbugs at the United Nations (Pat Condell Video Commentary)

Islam and Sharia News Archives

Berlin Man Beheads Wife, Yells 'Allah Akbar'...
Islamist Wins Presidency of Egypt
Christian Mother Jailed After Refusing to Convert to Islam
EDITORIAL: Obama embraces Islam - If Islamism is OK for Egypt, why not America?
Billy & Karen Vaughn Confront Terrorism In Israel
Islamic Scholar Tortures 5-Year-Old Daughter into Brain Damage
Bodies Pile Up as Chechen Govt. Backs Honor Killings
Tunisian Islamists Behead Christian Convert
Islamic Holy Man And His Wife Are Jailed For Mutilating The Genitals Of Their Four Daughters
Terror Group wants Somalia Free of Christians
"Moderate" Turkey is world leader in Honor Killings
Honor Killings by the Religion of Peace Grow in the West
Iran Warns the World of coming "Great Event"
Book tells Muslim Men how to beat their wives
Editorial: Islamic Flag over the Obama White House
Federal Appeals Court Tells Voters Their Votes Don’t Matter Anymore
Federal Court Blocks Oklahoma ban on Sharia Law
Goldman Sachs Submits: Issues Islamic Bond Program as Conforming to Sharia Law
Criticism of 'All-American Muslim' sparks vandalism, threats
Ft. Hood Jihad Attack Reclassified as "Workplace Violence" (WND Commentary)
TV Show "All-American Muslim" Misleads on Islam